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Gula Cakery
Gula Cakery
Gula Cakery
Gula Cakery




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Bringing you bliss in every bite

We Specialize in Freshly Baked and Rustic Cakes for Any Occasion

Pre Order for whole cakes

Kindly place order (3) days in advance for whole cakes

🚚 Pre-Order for Whole Cakes

Kindly place order (3) days in advance to order

🎂 Sliced Cakes, Small Bakes, Main Meals

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Gula Cakery says Hello

Gula Cakery says Hello

Arieni first taught herself to bake when she was a teenager with the help of her grandmother’s recipe book. After rounds of practice, market-hopping and series of family functions later, she created Gula Bakery, a home-based bakery that also offered baking classes as Arieni loves teaching and meeting people.

Back then, Arieni would stay up in the wee hours with her loyal sidekick, fondly known as Gula Mummy, to bake and this dedicated mother-daughter duo were unstoppable. Two years on, Gula Bakery had morphed into Gula Cakery, which opened its doors in September 2015 for guests to enjoy cakes, classes and comfort under one roof with classic, Gula family fashion.